Process CAD/CAM


Our custom process begins with a thought. Once we have a drawing or idea, we begin building the design on CAD. In cad we make a 3D model that can then be created into a piece of wax. Before we mill the piece into wax form we show the customer how the ring will look, using a rendering program called Vray. The customer will get to see what the piece will look like before it is actually made. Then once the piece has been approved by the customer, we move on to milling the wax. After the wax is cut the customer, once again gets to see the piece, but this time in a 3 dimensional model that they can feel and see in person. After the wax seems to be what the customer is wanting, we move onto the casting stage. In this stage we cast outside of the store, due to the nasty bi-product in a Jewelry store when casting. Finally the rough casting comes back and we can complete all the finish work. At this stage we typically sand, polish, set stones, and plate the piece for a beautiful finish. This unique process is a great experience for the customer to go through, making their own one of a kind piece of jewelry.

How It Works

A more in-depth look at the CAD/CAM process: